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We are a women’s only health and wellbeing studio set in the beautiful village of Bures, Suffolk. You can expect the following:

[us_iconbox icon=”fa-smile-o” style=”outlined” iconpos=”left” size=”40px” title=”We Have a Laugh and Make Exercise Fun” external=””]We make exercise fun with equipment and exercises you wont find in any gym and tailor everything to each individuals ability[/us_iconbox]
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We are located in a peaceful, quiet location in the countryside – a world apart from the busy gyms you find in the town centres
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-users ” style=”outlined” iconpos=”left” size=”40px” title=”We Have a Strong Community” external=””]The ladies that train here feel they belong to so much more than just a gym. We have regular social meetups, and even a cheeky post workout glass of prosecco on Fridays





Before we start with the training and nutrition it’s really important to get your mindset in the right place. We work with you to help you feel empowered and ready to take charge.  



Unlike other trainers/gyms, we provide you with dietician approved meal plans where you are able to swap out foods you dislike for your favourites



You won’t find any boring treadmills or exercise bikes here. We use the latest equipment such as kettlebells and core bags to make exercise fun with plenty of variety so you never get bored.



Trying to achieve your fitness goals alone can be hard work! We make it much more fun, working with like minded women. No big egos here, just lots of motivation and high fives.

The people who have trusted us so far

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[us_testimonial author=”Danielle” company=”Colchester”]I have lost an incredible 15cm from my waist and hips! Over the moon, and now have a new love for exercise :-)[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Debbie” company=”Sudbury”]I have found exercising with a kettlebell so much fun, plus I am so much stronger and toned. I have even purchased myself a few for home!! [/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Amanda” company=”Earls Colne”]Every session is different which I love. The customized meal plan are so clever and I love the print out shopping lists[/us_testimonial]
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We are currently having our gym finalised so that it is the best facility in the area to be able to serve you all the best way we possibly can.

To see if you are eligible for working with us please click the button below and complete the form.

One of our awesome team will be in touch within 24 hours

Alternatively if you would like to say hi, complete the form

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