I wanted to post something which is very important with not only weight loss but pretty much everything.


So what is mindset?

Heres the definition:

“A set of beliefs and assumptions you own that are so powerful your behaviour conforms to them”.

Read this statement a few times as I find this quite fascinating.

In short, its what you tell yourself to believe, that has no real evidence of being true – just what YOU think is true. 

Have you ever told yourself:

I will never be a size 10 as my metabolism is too slow

I don’t have the time to get fit its just not possible with my busy schedule

I am destined to be fat forever
My family were all overweight so what hope do I have

I don’t have the time to eat healthy

What do all the statements have in common above?

They are all made up.

There’s no evidence to say any of these are actually true, you have just believed them for so long now that they are statements you now live by.

In other words, your MINDSET

I am truly passionate in this subject as I have had many problems in the past all stemming from my mindset and want to help you all.

I could also give you all of the best workouts and recipes however if your mind is in a place where its after a ‘quick fix’ or miracle result then its useless and will always get you back to square 1 very quickly.

So what do we need to break these thoughts? 


All of those ‘beliefs and assumptions’ which have become the way you live need to change in order for any weight loss/healthy living can start. 

A mindset shift can happen when there is a one off event, such as the death of a loved one (sadly they tend to happen when bad events happen over good events) or you REFUSE TO ACCEPT A SITUATION ANYMORE (powerful statement).

So today I want you find 10 minutes, find a quiet room and sit down, eyes closed and concentrate on counting your breath up to 10, then start again. If you have never counted your breath this way you wont believe how calmer this can make you feel.

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